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Be Sponsored

CKL Sponsorship Opportunities

As CKL continues to grow, we are pleased to offer limited sponsorship opportunities. While we may not be able to sponsor every request, we always aim to support where we can. If you're a local to CKL in the Upper Hunter region, we are especially committed to helping support your event or competitive endeavors.

How to Apply for CKL Sponsorship:
If you or your event are seeking sponsorship, we encourage you to reach out to us. Please provide us with the following details:

  • Event or Competitor Details: Tell us about your event or yourself as a competitor.
  • Sponsorship Package Information: If you have a sponsorship package ready, please send it to us.
  • Your Expectations: Describe what you hope CKL can do for you and how we can contribute to your success.
  • Event Date: Specify the date of your event.
  • Attendance Request: Let us know if you would like CKL to attend the event.
  • Short-term or Long-term Sponsorship: Indicate whether you are seeking short-term or long-term sponsorship.
  • Alignment with Our Brand and Values: Explain how your event or competitor aligns with the values and ethos of CKL Country and Kids.

To apply for CKL sponsorship, please send all the relevant information to Our team will review your application and get in touch to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities.

We appreciate your interest in CKL, and we look forward to the opportunity to support and collaborate with local initiatives and individuals who share our values.