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Brand Rep

Join Our Brand Rep Family

At CKL Country, our team of reps and ambassadors is at the heart of our community, and we're always excited to welcome more like-minded individuals into our Brand Rep Family. If you're interested in becoming part of our brand's journey, here's what you need to know:

Qualifications for Brand Reps:

  • Engagement: We seek individuals who are actively engaged with CKL on our social media platforms and, of course, customers who believe in our products.
  • Shared Values: Your values should align with our love for country living and the rural way of life.
  • Followers vs. Engagement: We prioritize engagement over the number of followers, understanding that a genuine connection with your audience is more valuable.
  • Private Accounts: Private profiles are acceptable. We respect your need for privacy and understand personal reasons for privacy settings won't impact your application.

Brand Rep Terms:

  • Brand reps typically serve in 3-month rounds, but you're welcome to re-apply once your term ends. We won't pressure you; we understand these opportunities may not always align with family and life commitments.
  • We often notice potential brand reps when they already share photos of their CKL products.

What's in it for You?

  • Product Discount: Enjoy a discount on all CKL branded items for your personal use.
  • Discount for Family and Friends: Share a discount code with your loved ones, though please note that our discount codes are exclusive, as we don't offer sign-up discounts or easily accessible codes without using a rep's code.
  • Flexible Purchasing: We don't impose strict guidelines on how much or when you purchase, understanding the economic challenges many of us face.
  • Content Creation: We kindly ask that you provide 2-3 high-quality photos and 1 short video featuring CKL products.
  • Contract Agreement: Prior to finalizing your brand rep application, we'll provide a contract for your signature. This contract ensures you understand that your photos will be used across our media.

Join our Brand Rep Family and be a part of the CKL Country community. We're excited to have you on board and share the country-loving spirit together!

To apply please send all relevant information and a bit about you to: