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Light Blue Denim Cowgirl Children’s Flare Jeans

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WELCOME to CKL’s own line of Cowgirl Denim! 
Please note if you’re ordering now, you are placing a pre-order which is AWESOME (and we are grateful) but there’s a few things you need to keep in mind, you can find out more below! 

Little cowgirl’s need to welcome in a pair of denim flares to their wardrobe and not only be the envy of all passer-by’s at the local rodeo, but also mum! 

What’s different about you now stocking your own brand of denim flares vs the previous?

We now have complete design freedom, which means we have included so cool new features and ensured that our clothing is made with growing children in mind.

  •  The back half of the waist includes elastic for stretch and optimal comfort
  • We use a lightweight denim fabric with stretch to ensure our jeans aren’t too stiff or rough for little ones ensuring they can wear them all day long, run, jump and skip comfortably. 
  • Rough finish edge (Flares) to include rustic charm and embrace our western way of life 


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